Our MINDSTYLE is the information force that controls our life. It determines how and where we put our attention, energy, and resources. It regulates how we handle our outside and inside channels of information.  And it is the element that determines our future happiness, success and fulfillment. 

If you think back to when you were very young,  you’ll remember that adults controlled most of the information you received from the outside world.  But as you got older, you slowly started to gain more control over your own thoughts and feelings… your inside information world.  This happened little by little until one day you realized that YOU were in charge of your own life!  The development of your unique talents, abilities and skills, allowed you to establish a Centerpoint where you could begin to align your outside information channel with your inside information channel of thoughts, beliefs, values, attitudes, needs and wants.

Your mindstyle today,  is the gateway to your choices.  It’s always with you, even if you don’t take an active role in managing it.  It continues to actively affect how information enters and exits your life. What kind of media are you exposed to? Are the people close to you supportive or judgmental? How do you deal with stress and difficult situations?


When you understand your mindstyle Centerpoint alignment, you create an awareness and understanding of how information enters and exits through both channels. This allows you to empower yourself to make better, more informed decisions, the key to choosing the life you want, confidently and courageously.