If you’re like most people, it’s pretty easy in this day and age to get “derailed” by unexpected events…some that come from out of nowhere (like Covid 19) or things that emerge more slowly “beneath the radar” while you’re not actively paying attention.  Sometimes we can see problems coming and be prepared, but with everything else on our “plate” these days, it’s often easier, especially under stress, to divert our attention to other, less “toxic” dimensions of life.


The challenge of CHOICE and “good choosing” is no longer as simple as it used to be. The factors that disrupt the safety and predictability of our daily LifeStyle and MindStyle patterns are much different now, accelerating  more and more rapidly.  Change, distortion, distraction, disruption, disinformation and overload will continue to increase in the future, as life’s levels of complexity increase, making the challenge of choice one of today’s most critical issues.


In today’s newly changing environment,  just how do you learn to become more CHOICE-FULL and take charge of dealing with events such as:

Preparation and training in the critical CHOICE-FULL skills of  is based on the latest research in brain science.  This includes the development of executive functions, such as problem solving, focusing, critical thinking, time management, planning, self control, creativity and more.  This learning paradigm for making more effective choices takes both time and commitment, but the journey is well worth the effort.  While some people, functioning at the highest developmental levels of humanity have already figured out these skills, others languish in the illusion that life will continue to move along without too many major disruptions… and  if things do go wrong, they’ll figure it out at the time the negative events occur.  But, if you’ve noticed, it doesn’t work that way. Without adequate preparation, people are caught off guard and extremely vulnerable. Other people that are prepared, operate  differently. They continuously manage to turn “lemons into lemonade”, because they use a different “toolbox”.  It’s these CHOICE-FULL skillsespecially in our rapidly changing environment, that make all the difference, as to whether a person can and will create a happy, successful and fulfilled future, or one that is doomed to repeated failure.