Today we are witnessing a crises in wellbeing among our youth, with accelerating rates of anxiety, depression and suicide that surpass any other levels historically. 

We can attribute a great deal of the pain among our youth to the shift that has occurred in our increasing digital dependency, including the amount of time we spend emotionally immersed on screens (computers, smart phones, social media, TV, etc.), as well the biological brain “rewiring” this change creates, limiting our power of choice-full choosing.  

The important question today, centers around the TRADEOFFS we are making and continue to make in our information processing and mindstyle patterns.  When these tradeoffs involve the reduction of the critical capacities needed for self reflection and self knowledge, an individual is left without the key “toolbox” skills needed to deal with  accelerating levels of “noise” (information overload, disinformation, distractions, disruption, disengagement) in their life.  Without these skills, our choices about how to maintain our wellbeing become progressively difficult or even impossible. 

The LIFE LIGHTS PROGRAM is designed to teach the vital skills needed today, to PROTECT and PREPARE children for the future, beginning at the earliest stages of development.  The two levels of the program cover the 3 to 6 year and 7 to 10 year age ranges.

Parents allocate a twenty minute time period each night before their children go to sleep.  This time is devoted to using compelling stories combined with accompanying interactive activities, to support the development of key choice-full self reflective skills.   

Emphasis is placed on increasing the bonding and role modeling family dynamic  necessary, in our increasingly disconnected world, and to facilitating the key integral elements of social, emotional and intellectual growth. 

The unique aspect of the program involves the use of a variety of “Life LIghts”, transforming the entire child’s room into a world of make believe and magical fantasy realms, dedicated to creativity, enrichment and personal development… a very special level of quality time each night before bedtime, and a positive transition toward better sleep. 

The Life Lights as an integrated process within the program, operate as a special and very powerful source of positive “Innertainment” feedback, to be used diligently with the special Life Light learning modules, enriching the core elements of positive wellbeing and choice-full mindstyle development.