Choice-Fullness is a power we all possess, but seldom think about.  It is made up of three things:

Our Awareness – of ourselves and the world around us.
Our Abilities – critical thinking, creativity, communication, resilience, etc.
Our Control – self-management of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

The more we develop our Awareness, Ability, and Control (our Choice-Fullness), the more power we have to take charge of our own lives – and future.

For children growing up in today’s uncertain world, developing Choice-Fullness has become more difficult than ever before.  Children today face a relentless barrage of distraction, distortion, disruption, and overload (NOISE) that often overwhelms and impairs their cognitive and emotional capabilities.

Only by helping our children become more Choice-Full, can we protect and prepare them for a safe, happy and meaningful future in the Age of Noise.

We can help our children become more Choice-Full by helping them develop a new kind of IQ – an INNER IQ that’s critical for happiness and success in the Age of Noise.We can help our children become more Choice-Full by helping them develop a new kind of IQ – an INNER IQ that’s critical for happiness and success in the Age of Noise.

The INNER IQ stands for Inner Integral Qualities – a critical set of inner qualities (such as self-management and communication) that help protect our children and prepare them for the future.

No – unfortunately, schools today do not adequately address the growing negative impact of NOISE (distraction, distortion, disruption, and overload) on our children’s healthy development. 

Children today are under intense pressure. They live in an always-on digital world that shapes everything they think, feel and do. It is a world that constantly sells them the illusion that attention and superficial measures of success are all they require to achieve happiness, meaning and fulfillment in their lives.  Unfortunately, it’s a lie – and our children are paying a heavy price for it.

Just as a muscle weakens due to lack of exercise, our children’s repeated exposure to NOISE weakens their levels of Awareness, Ability and Control – re-wiring their brain circuits and leading to immature development and a pattern of poor self-management and ineffective communication that has life-long implications.  Never have our children needed to develop their INNER IQ more than they do today.

Developing their INNER IQ (and becoming more Choice-Full) is a process, not a quick fix.

To facilitate this process, we’ll be introducing parents to a unique, family-friendly approach called INNERTAINMENT – which utilizes entertainment insights in an engaging and motivating way to strengthen parent/child communication and build all-important self-management skills.

Dr. Reiher designed and taught the first Innertainment course in the country, and has used the Innertainment method in various successful projects – including one with Baylor College of Medicine, designed to help children make better eating choices. With LIVE ABOVE THE NOISE, he has now adapted his university level Innertainment course to help children and families develop Choice-Fullness through this podcast. 

Innertainment is based on Dr. Reiher’s forty years of research and experience as a development and educational psychologist working at the highest levels of the media and entertainment industries.

The Podcast Plan

We’ve created this podcast to be a valuable resource for you and your family.Featuring today’s top experts, it has one aim – helping families develop the new tools they need to Live Above The Noise…today and in the future.

Episodes 1 through 8 lay the foundation for Choice-Fullness by covering topics such as the High Brain, the Cycle of Noise and Time Design.  Starting with Episode 9, we move on to helping families and children develop the all-important INNER I.Q skills, along with providing tools and strategies for today’s uncertain world.  Additional episode topics will include self-management, critical thinking, resilience, attention, relationships, motivation, stress, anxiety, bullying, self-control, focus, communication, gaming addiction, creativity…and more.    


We believe it’s time to create a more Choice-Full world – for our children, our families, and our society.  If you feel the same way, we invite you to join us in this CHOICE-FULL FAMILY PROJECT.

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