The REACTIVE MINDSTYLE MODE responds to information in a relatively concrete, quick and automatic manner.  An individual can be “triggered” by certain types of information and react quickly and emotionally, without a great deal of slower, deeper and more deliberate information regulation and reflective thought.


The REFLECTIVE MINDSTYLE MODE weighs and evaluates information in a slower and more thoughtful way. This mode is beneficial for creativity and critical thinking, while more dependent on the development of higher executive functions. The reflective mode, although more thoughtful,  can be devoid of the values and skills needed to elevate an individual,  and humanity to its higher potential. 


 The ELEVATED MINDSTYLE MODE  receives, responds and regulates information toward the higher potentials and possibilities of human development and through the integration of our reflective skills,  with the goals of lifelong learning, positive well being, and synergy versus separation.  


As our MINDSTYLE skills develop, three integral qualities of well being…CHARACTER, COMPETENCE and COMMUNICATION provide an affirmative framework, and positive pathway toward increased mental health and an ELEVATED MINDSTYLE.