The I-THEATER FRAMEWORK  has been created with the new and rapidly changing world of media in mind.  The theater uses the entertainment medium in unique and compelling ways, to support growth and development in both our Personal and Professional lives.

We can view our life, and the STORIES that we are currently creating, as taking place on three connected stages. Our BACK STAGE, consists of our PAST experiences, and all the things that make us a unique individual with our own unique story to tell.

Our FRONT STAGE is our PRESENT time, our story as it’s unfolding right now.  Our front stage is the foundation for our STORY SPOTLIGHT, highlighting what we are doing at this specific point in time, to move ourselves toward a happier, healthier and more fulfilled future.

Our FUTURE STAGE contains our goals and consists of the individuals, organizations and places that represent the Circles of Influence that support us in fulfilling these goals and creating a successful FUTURE.  For example, our family, friends, school, relatives, education, employers, etc.  This is the world that will be engaged in our STORY as it unfolds, supporting and nurturing our personal and professional goals in life.

The I-THEATER motivational method aligns the choice making dimensions of Awareness, Ability and Control.   It allows us to integrate a variety of important individual dimensions that contribute to our future well being. Through the  I-THEATER method, we can combine our Personal theater elements with our Professional theater elements, to develop our happiness, health and fulfillment.