live above
the noise


We live in an increasingly stressful and demanding world…shaped by media, technology and consumerism.  Our CHOICES are the most important part of our lives.  They define who we are and who we want to be. They determine our destiny.  When our CHOICES can be hijacked by the NOISE that surrounds us (distraction, distortion, disruption, disinformation and overload), we need new tools and strategies to learn to LIVE ABOVE THE NOISE.


So, what can we do?  How can we find our balance in a world that is increasingly out of balance? How can we develop our PURPOSE and POWER for the future?


THE ANSWER: We learn to make simple (but powerful) CHANGES in our lives that support and elevate our levels of Awareness, Ability, and Control.  These changes are the key to LIVING ABOVE THE NOISE, and to creating our best and most meaningful life.   



Dr. Rob Reiher

Developmental & Educational
Psychologist, Media Expert

Wayne Yercha LATN June 2020

Wayne Yercha




In today’s day and age, we have more access to information than ever before. With the click of a button, we can find out anything we want to know instantly. This has led to what I call the “age of choice-less choosing.”

Choice-less choosing is created by the dynamic relationship between the accelerating speed of change in society, and our inherent brain-based limitations to cope with the increasing amount of information and change that is occurring.