Noise – shaping our children’s values.

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FutureWise Family Questions:  How do you develop and maintain the core values of your family as your children continue to get older? When the Circles of Influence shaping your children change radically, how do you deal with their effect?

The FutureWise Family Action Item:  Take a few minutes to outline briefly, what you would consider the five top core values of your family. Identify the 3 most powerful elements in society that you think are changing your family’s values and especially the values of your children.

FutureWise Family News: From research conducted in 2012, after analyzing 40 years of data on approximately 9 million young adults, researchers have found the so-called Millennial generation to be less environmentally conscious, community-oriented and politically engaged than previous generations were at the same age.   What about today’s Millennials?  Have their values changed based on higher levels of noise in the culture?  How?

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