Enrichment Time – without it, you can’t really be you.

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FutureWise Family Questions:  How do you spend your E Time?  How do your family members spend their E Time?  Are you aware of how E Time is helping you to develop your higher brain skills? How can you get more E Time in your life?

The FutureWise Family Action Item:  Using the accompanying links on the right, notice for one week how the Quality of your time is different than the Quantity of your time.  Pay attention to at least one other family member, and monitor their Quality time also.

FutureWise Family News:  As many as 60 percent of our children feel chronically disengaged from school. In one study, 61 percent of fourth graders agreed with the statement “I am happy with life.” By the seventh grade, only 36 percent made the same claim.  

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