The Cycle of Noise.  What does it mean for our families?

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The FutureWise Family Questions:  How are you coping with the digital overload of information?  Are you aware of how information overload creates higher levels of stress? Given the research on how nature impacts your body and stress levels, how are you using the free “gift” of nature to re-balance your life. Are your children spending too much time in environments that are removed from natural settings?

FutureWise Family Action Items: Make a conscious effort to plan a family outing in nature, even if it’s just a local park or garden.  Leave your digital devices at home.  Notice what happens when you begin to get “quiet” inside, without the imposition of the manufactured digital world.

FutureWise Family News:  With the growth of the Internet, 24-hour television, and mobile phones, we now receive five times as much information every day as we did in 1986. And along with this increase in information, 8 out of 10 vacationers  bring their high tech devices with them.  


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