More connections – but less connection?

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The FutureWise Family Questions: What do you consider to be the most important component that underlies happiness?  Can a person be happy and fulfilled without a sense of connectedness to others? Beyond the movie rating systems, how do you decide what movies are “good” for your family members?

FutureWise Family Action Item:  During the next 3 times you engage with some form of entertainment (TV, movies, videos, etc.) depicting relationships, notice the level of “connectedness” that occurs between the characters depicted in the entertainment medium.

FutureWise Family News: According to research reflecting connectedness and empathy, there has been an increase in certain types of violent crimes over the past 10 years.  1.  Hate crimes against Hispanics and perceive immigrants  2.  Bullying and hate crimes against lesbian, gays, bisexual and transgender individuals  3.  Violent acts against the homeless  4. Individual’s leaving the scene of an accident (hit and run) has shown a 20% increase since 1998

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