The PODCASTS for Live Above The Noise are arranged to offer the listener a basic understanding of the CHOICE-FULLNESS process and how it unfolds in the following sequential order:

WHAT IS CHOICE-FULLNESS?  Podcast #1 is an introduction to the concept of CHOICE-FULLNESS and the three elements (Awareness, Ability and Control) that provide the underlying foundation for the concept.

-The PROBLEM occurring now in our society, is radically different from anything that has occurred in the past.  In Podcast #2, we introduce the concept of NOISE and how the CYCLE OF NOISE is currently in play, creating higher and higher levels of  NOISE at accelerating speeds. 

-We begin to address SOLUTIONS in Podcast #3, with award winning author and science journalist Catherine Price. 

-In Podcasts #5 and #6, we continue to understand the Awareness necessary to understand how HIGH BRAIN and TIME are two of the most critical dimensions needed to begin solving the problem of NOISE.  

-In order to integrate the issues of NOISE and CHOICE-FULLNESS into the busy lives of parents, kids and families, we invite guests such as Christine K, to tell her story as a working mom with two children in Podcast #7.  

-NEXT: As we continue to explore the issues of increasing NOISE in society, and update our NOISE WATCH link with new and relevant information, we will also begin to focus more on the tools, tips and strategies needed today for parents, kids and families.  Along with additional experts and guests, we uncover the path of CHOICE-FULLNESS, that moves us from our Awareness to our Abilities to our Control of the increasing NOISE. 





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