INNERTAINMENT® was developed by Dr. Rob Reiher based on his 40 years of work and research as a developmental and educational psychologist.  Innertainment is a breakthrough approach that forms the basis of many of the strategies and Tips & Tools presented here at Live Above The Noise.  It draws on Dr. Reiher’s extensive experience at the highest levels of the kids media and entertainment industries.   We believe every parent will benefit from adding Innertainment insights and strategies to their parenting toolkit.


We’re now living in a culture where media dominates absolutely everything we do.  You Tube, with it’s high visual engagement, has become the predominant method of communicating quickly and effectively on the internet, and visual images are now, the most powerful forms of learning new information.  As we’ve adapted to receiving our information through the digital mediums, traditional forms of learning new information, have for the most part, taken a back seat to this new media era.  As this shift continues to occur, our ability to manage our lives through practical and meaningful choices, must adapt to our changing digital preferences if we’re going to powerfully and effectively move into the future in this new high speed-high tech society. 


The INNERTAINMENT THEATER has been created with the new world of media in mind.  The theater uses the entertainment medium in unique and compelling ways, to support Choice-Full behavior in kids, and in families. 

To use the INNERTAINMENT method, we can view our life, and the STORY that we’re creating, as taking place on three connected stages. Our BACK STAGE, consists of our PAST experiences, and all the things that make us a unique individual with our own unique story to tell.

Our FRONT STAGE is our PRESENT time, our story as it’s unfolding right now.  Our front stage is the foundation for our STORY SPOTLIGHT, highlighting what we are doing at this specific point in time, to move ourselves toward a better future.

Our AUDIENCE consists of the individuals, organizations and places that represent our FUTURE.  For example, our family, friends, school, relatives, education, employers, etc.  This is the world that will be ”watching” our STORY unfold and the people who will be communicating with us in the future to support and nurture our individual goals in life. The INNERTAINMENT THEATER represents a NEW framework for Choice-Fullness. It allows us to become aware of a wide variety of important individual dimensions that combine with each other, and contribute to our future well being.  Through the INNERTAINMENT THEATER method, we can combine our personal theater elements into the necessary Choice-Full Skills we need, to support our goals, for happiness, success and self fulfillment.



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