Choice-Fullness is the power and awareness to choose wisely and purposefully…basing our choices on their potential to create more meaning, fulfillment and authentic engagement in our lives…and the lives of those around us.

Choice-Fullness isn’t about giving up our devices, or turning off our media or living in a cabin in the woods somewhere.  It’s about consciously choosing tech, media and consumer products that can help us add real value to our lives.   And, it’s about not allowing our precious time to be taken from us…understanding that our time is irreplaceable and that the way we use it becomes our life’s legacy. 


At LIVE ABOVE THE NOISE we believe that Choice-Fullness is the key to creating a fulfilling and meaningful life for you and your family.  We’ll be talking about it a lot in our podcasts.  We also believe that Choose Choice-Fullness is a powerful and positive message that everyone in THE AGE OF OVERWHELM needs to hear.  We hope you’ll share the message (and our website) with your family and friends.   

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