What is it doing to your children's future?


Breaking The Hold Of Digital Distraction In Your Family


“My kids are always glued to their screens.  I’ve tried everything…but it’s a constant battle.  I don’t know what else to do.”
– Cate D, Los Angeles, CA 

Developing Resilient, Optimistic and Choice-full Children

A Podcast Toolkit for Parents and Families


Welcome to the first in our series of Live Above the Noise podcasts.

Join developmental psychologist and media expert, Dr. Rob Reiher, along with host Wayne Yercha, in an ongoing podcast conversation designed to help break the hold of digital distraction in your family.  The podcasts offer insights, strategies and tools to help parents develop resilient, optimistic and Choice-full children.

Live Above The Noise is based on the latest science and on Dr. Reiher’s forty years of research and experience working as a top developmental and educational psychologist at the highest levels of the kids media and entertainment industries.


“God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”
-Sean Parker, Founding President of Facebook



Dr. Rob Reiher
Media & Developmental Psychologist

Wayne Yercha

If you’re a parent, you need to know two critical things.  First, digital distraction in your children is no accident – a lot of money is being spent to design technology that can manipulate their psychological needs, exploit their vulnerabilities, and addict them to distraction.  Second, distraction is only one part of a larger problem.  The others are data overload (can’t possibly keep up) and distorted information (false, misleading, manipulative).  Together, they make up, what we call “Noise”.  And it is the epidemic of Noise in our culture that is causing problems like anxiety, attention issues, compulsive screen use, obsession with social media, bullying, sexting, etc. 

But Noise is doing much more than that.  It’s re-wiring your children’s brains – to need more and more Noise.  It’s disrupting their high brain development, eroding their self-control and lowering their ability to make wise choices – leaving them less focused, less motivated, less engaged with “real” life, and more open to depression.  Think about what that means for their education and their future.  And there’s something else you need to know:

To protect your children from the Noise, you cannot just restrict their tech and hope for the best.  The only way to protect your children (now and in the future) is to prepare them cognitively and emotionally to protect themselves from the Noise.  That’s what these podcasts and the Tips & Tools on this website are all about. They’re here to help you develop resilient, optimistic and choice-full children.  Children who can survive and thrive in a world of non-stop Noise.


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