What is it doing to your children's future?



Developing Resilient, Optimistic and Choice-Full Children

In the Age of Distraction, Distortion and Overload



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Welcome to the first in our series of Live Above the Noise podcasts.

Join developmental psychologist and media expert, Dr. Rob Reiher, along with host Wayne Yercha, in an ongoing podcast conversation designed to help break the hold of digital distraction in your family.  The podcasts offer insights, strategies and tools to help parents develop resilient, optimistic and Choice-full children.

Live Above The Noise is based on the latest science and on Dr. Reiher’s forty years of research and experience working as a top developmental and educational psychologist at the highest levels of the kids media and entertainment industries.


“God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”
-Sean Parker, Founding President of Facebook



Dr. Rob Reiher
Media & Developmental Psychologist

Wayne Yercha

What will your children’s future will look like?  Will your kids be successful, happy and fulfilled?  Will they have the chance to reach their potential?  Every parent wants these things for their children, but if you’re a parent today, you need to know that your kids face a challenge unlike that of any generation before them…the challenge of “Noise”.  And by Noise, we mean the combination of three things.  First – relentless distraction (another text, another photo, another video…and on and on).  Second – data overload (can’t possibly keep up).  Third – distorted information (false “facts”, misleading stories, deceptive websites, etc.).

And Noise will steal your children’s future – unless you prepare them to deal with it…because the effects of Noise go far beyond problems like compulsive screen use, obsession with social media, bullying, sexting, etc.  Noise goes to the very heart of who your children can and will become in their lives, because Noise is disrupting development of the most critical part of your children’s brainstheir high brains – the part responsible for decision making, critical thinking, creativity, resilience and more.  And even more troubling, Noise is re-wiring their brains to need more and more Noise, which impacts their education and lowers their ability to make wise choices – leaving them less focused, less motivated, less happy…and more open to anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and even suicide. 

And to make your job as a parent even more difficult, many top industry insiders have now revealed that Noise is no accident.  It’s intended.  In fact, much of the technology your children use today is being intentionally designed to addict them, track them, train them to be compliant consumers, and manipulate their values, their behavior and their thinking.  So, as a parent, what can you do?  It’s a complex problem, but we can tell you one thing for sure – you cannot protect your kids by just restricting their tech.  It’s not enough.  Noise is too powerful. To quote Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook, “We’ll get you, eventually.”  The only way you can help protect your children is to prepare them cognitively and emotionally so they can protect themselves from the Noise.  That’s why we created Live Above the Noise.

So, in these podcasts we’ll talk about the Cycle of Noise, and how to break that cycle in your children’s lives.  We’ll talk about the choice-full use of technology.  And most importantly, we’ll talk about how you can help your children discover and develop, what we call, their CenterPoint the single most important thing you can do to raise resilient, optimistic and choice-full children.  Children who can thrive, not just survive, in a world of ever-increasing Noise.

But these Podcasts and the Tips & Tools on this website aren’t just about your children…because you feel the effects of Noise too.  Stress.  Pressure.  Never enough time for yourself – especially the kind we call E Time (Enrichment Time).  So, for the sake of your family and yourself…it’s time to pause.  Take a breath.  Be still for a moment.  It’s time to choose.  It’s time to act.  It’s time to take back your time – and your life.  It’s time to…Live Above The Noise.


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